Tinned and Frozen Foods – Are they Really Unhealthy?

There are a wide range of canned and frozen foods that we can choose from in the supermarket.  Walk down many isles and there’s tinned beans and lentils, vegetables and fruit, or another and there’s tinned soup, macaroni cheese and tinned fish. In the frozen section you can find an array of frozen berries, citrusContinue reading “Tinned and Frozen Foods – Are they Really Unhealthy?”

The Truth About Hunger: Should you Listen?

We are conditioned to believe hunger is bad. How often have you heard “I’m hungry and I don’t know why, I shouldn’t be”,  “why am I hungry?”. We question hunger as if we shouldn’t be hungry because we don’t deserve to be. The truth is you DO deserve to be hungry. Being hungry means youContinue reading “The Truth About Hunger: Should you Listen?”

FAD Diets – are they worth it?

What is a FAD Diet? A fad diet is an eating pattern or plan which is very restrictive including very few foods or an unusual combination of foods. The diets are encouraged to be followed for a short period of time in order to lose weight, promising rapid weight loss. However the reality of theseContinue reading “FAD Diets – are they worth it?”