Roasted Vegetable & Halloumi Sandwich

Who’s loves a hearty sandwich?

This roasted vegetable sandwich is delicious, and the pesto gives it an extra kick of flavour. It’s perfect for a picnic or lunch, especially while this sunshine is here.

Simple to prepare, vegetarian and easy to make vegan too! Make it in the oven, on the grill or in an air fryer. 

Remember sandwiches can be great nutritious and balanced meals! They don’t need to be feared. 

Makes 3-4 sandwiches 


  • 1 aubergine 
  • 1 courgette 
  • Handful of mushrooms 
  • 1 bell pepper 
  • 3 large tomatoes 
  • 225g halloumi 
  • 4 tsp pesto 
  • 4 tbsp hummus 
  • Choice of bread – here I’ve used a baguette 


  1. Thinly slice all your vegetables and halloumi and either add to a baking/grill tray or air fryer tray. 
  2. Season with pepper and a little olive oil if needed. Cook as desired until crisp. In the oven this will take 20-25 minutes, grill and air fryer 5-10 depending on the vegetable. 
  3. If you are roasting the vegetables in the oven, add the halloumi to a pan over a medium heat and cook for around 3 minutes on each side or until browned. 
  4. Add the hummus to one side of your bread then layer up the veggies and halloumi. 
  5. Top with the pesto and dig in!

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